Nashville Farmers’ Market Series: Sloco

Think that the Nashville Farmers’ Market is all about produce? Or just for grocery shopping? Think again! The NFM gets our vote as one of the best lunch places near downtown. From Chinese to Mexican and Cajun to Indian, they have a wide variety of options.

This post series will focus on our top picks within the market. Today we tell you all about Sloco. Sloco makes sandwiches with ingredients that have sloco 1traveled as few miles as possible (see screenshot from their website for some crazy stats!). Their first location is in the 12th South neighborhood next to Burger Up, and their NFM location opened up just a few months ago.

Step up to the counter and peruse the chalkboard menu, where you’ll find sandwiches to suit any taste. This go round, we opted for the Slow Roasted Veggie, a flavorful medley of crunchy beets, roasted tofu, and whole-grain mustard. The guys behind the counter are speedy – assembling, steaming, and wrapping your sandwich almost as quickly as you order it.

sloco 3

slow roasted veggie sandwich with butternut squash pickles

For an extra bite, we also ordered a side of homemade pickles. These aren’t just any old cucumber-based pickles. The creative Sloco-ers make pickles out of any in-season produce they can get their hands on. While we were there, the pickle of the day was butternut squash. Tangy and crunchy, the pickles were the perfect accompaniment to our savory sandwich.

Next time you’re looking for a lunch spot, think the NFM. And if your boss won’t let you out for lunch, the NFM is open every weekend for lunch and once a month at dinner time for Night Market (check their calendar or sign up for the mailing list to find the next one).

Next time you head to the NFM make sure to try a Sloco sandwich. And don’t forget the pickles!


C & A

sloco 2






Price: $

nashville farmers market




The Nashville Farmers’ Market


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