Dulce Desserts: Treat Yourself!

Celebrating a birthday? Planning a party? Had a long week at work? Need to satisfy that sweet tooth? Whatever the occasion, Dulce Desserts has you covered.

Located next to Steadfast and True Yoga in a bright blue building in the Edgehill neighborhood, you might not notice it if you’re not paying attention. But you definitely don’t want to miss this sweet treat spot!

DulceCakeBeautifully decorated cakes line the windows and shelves. You can customize your cake order with flavors like Almond, Cinnamon Red Velvet, and Orange Ginger, top your cake with Pistachio or Nutella buttercream frosting, and fill it with Chocolate Ganache. The possibilities are endlessly delicious!

DulceCookiesFor a quick way to satisfy your sweet tooth, the glass cases are full of an assortment of cookies – Chocolate Chip, Flourless Chocolate, Lime Meltaway, Oatmeal Raisin… and the list goes on. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to treat yourself – you’ve earned it! And with cookie prices ranging from 95¢ to $2.50, your wallet will be happy, too.

C & A

Dulce Desserts


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