Radnor Lake: A Breath of Fresh Air

Looking for an escape from your every day grind? It’s not too far away – just a short drive from downtown Nashville (11 miles to be exact) and you’ll find it. Radnor Lake is a State Natural Area, making it a great place to take a break from our busy lives and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings Tennessee has to offer.

IMG_1279Early morning hikes on any of the four unpaved trails will lead you past deer and wild turkey as you watch the sun rise over the lake. The Lake Trail (1.4 mi) is an easygoing, flat path – it is great for walking with the family, especially with little ones. For your daily cardio, the Ganier Ridge (1.5 mi) and South Cove (1.2 mi) Trails will get your blood pumping with steeper inclines and rewarding views. And the South Lake Trail (0.9 mi) is your happy medium, a moderately difficult hike that will still leave you feeling accomplished.

To preserve the area, there are no pets or runners allowed on the unpaved trails. However, you can enjoy views of the lake with your furry friends along the paved road that spans from the East to the West parking lots.

Radnor is anything but a hidden gem, so if you plan to visit on a weekend be prepared for difficult parking and lots of friendly faces on the trails. Weekday mornings and evenings are typically non-peak hours if you’re looking for a calmer, quieter walk through the park. So go ahead – keep up those New Year’s resolutions and enjoy a breath of fresh air at Radnor Lake.

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Radnor Lake



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