Pinewood Social: A Place to Meet

Pinewood Social has a hipster vibe, but don’t be intimidated. While it is on a growing list of the cool new “it” places in town, it has something for everyone. Serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and even late night, it’s sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. In fact, you could spend the whole day at Pinewood. You can bowl, play bocce ball, take a dip in the pool, or have a caffeine fueled study session. Leave it to Strategic Hospitality (creators of downtown’s Paradise Park and many more of our favorites) to come up with such an impressive place.

Because you can’t forget about beverages, Pinewood also has a second location of Crema under their roof along with a full cocktail menu. Don’t get us wrong – their coffee is great – but we opted for mimosas. It was brunch, after all.

Our group tried the buckwheat waffles with a special side of whipped cream and the Pick Three option with eggs, biscuits, and fruit. We were also tempted by the fried broccoli, pot roast hash, and juicy-looking cheeseburger.

If you go for the eggs, make sure to add some cheese. It’s not listed on the menu, but extra cheese makes brunch that much better.

pinewood waffles pinewood pick three

As soon as the plates were in front of us, the food was gone. It was so tasty we hardly spoke until the plates were cleared. No room for dessert this time, but Pinewood does offer pie by the slice and some “utterly soft serve.”

Be sure to make a reservation for a table – and a bowling lane too, if you’re up for it.

C & A

pinewood 1

Pinewood Social


Price: $$


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