Etch Restaurant

What. A. Meal. Although the atmosphere at Etch is buttoned-up (think: fancy hotel), if you take a look around you’ll find plenty of flannel and jeans. Before the hostess takes you to your table, make sure to peek into the open air kitchen where you’ll see the Etch chefs working their magic.

Each dish has more ingredients than you can count, but don’t let that intimidate you. The wait staff is more than happy to help you navigate it all.

We started with the famous cauliflower appetizer (rated one of Nashville Lifestyle Magazine’s top 25 dishes) followed by the venison and vegetarian entrees plus a side of their roasted carrots. The carrots were the star—trust us. Imagine this: slow-roasted carrots served with ginger whipped goat cheese, Sriracha butter crumbles, and chopped hazelnuts.


Try it for a special occasion or celebration—we counted four desserts with birthday candles leave the kitchen during our visit. But don’t forget to make a reservation. This restaurant is a hot spot, and for good reason.

C & A

etch 3

Etch Restaurant


Price: $$$


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